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N. complimentary tickets v.t. to give lots of complimentary tickets to make a house look good, particularly for a television taping.
Par Terre
A re-starting position in which a wrestler is on the mat, on hands and knees, and the other wrestler kneels beside him, with both hands on his back. (French for "on the ground.")
Passive Obstruction
If a wrestler continually obstructs the opponent's holds, holds both the opponent's hands, continually lies flat on the mat, or deliberately runs off the mat, it is passive obstruction. The opponent is given three choices: 1) To place the offender in the bottom position in par terre; 2) To continue the bout from the neutral position; 3) To assume the down positon in par terre.
Another name for passive obstruction.
Passivity Zone
The outer band, 1 meter wide, outside the central wrestling area.
Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling
Penalty Points
Points used in a negative scoring system, under which the wrestler with the fewest points wins. They're essentially the same as technical points, but they go to the other wrestler. For example, the wrestler who suffers a near fall is given two penalty points.
The distance covered when driving into an opponent for a takedown. Good penetration (getting in tight to the opponent) increases your chance of a successful takedown.
Having both of your opponent's shoulder blades on the mat for a specified length of time. In both international styles, this is for any instant. In college, it is for one second, in high school, two.
Pittsburgh Wrestling League
Pacific Northwest Wrestling
This act is known as the care and concern a wrestler shows to his opponent by carefully removing all television monitors from the announce table before planting that same person through it immediately afterwards. - [email protected]
A loud audience reaction to a wrestler's introduction or to an impressive move during a match.
V.t. To run or be run into the ringpost.
Having good body position in stances and during movesand counter attacks
V.t. To injure a wrestler by hitting him on the head or causing him to hit his head on something.
Potato Shot
(noun) When a wrestler accidentally delivers a blow that lands heavily and could cause legitimate damage.
Powderus Dangerous
A handful of Talcum Powder is completely harmless unless it is thrown into the eyes of a wrestler at which time it miraculously gains the same properties as a can of mace.
Powerhouse Pro Wrestling
(noun) Somewhat similar to an angle or a story line. When two or more wrestlersare involved in a feud with each other, it can be said that they are doing a program together.
(noun) An interview. Doing an interview is called "cutting a promo".
A short roleplay in the form of a commercial.
(noun) Someone who promotes live wrestling events in front of an audience, although may not necessarily own/operate the wrestling league that they are promoting. For example, there are currently promoters in each major city who help the major federations secure the arena and promote the show locally when they come to that town. And although they promoted the event, they have nothing to do with booking the matches or what happens at the show.
Protection Area
The border of the mat, extending at least 1.5 meters beyond the passivity zone, to help prevent injury if a wrestler is thrown outside the ring.
Power Slam Championship Wrestling
Pumped Up
(adjective) Refers to a wrestler who is massive in size due to the usage of anabolic steroids. If one wrestler says another wrestler is "pumped up", he is basically accusing that wrestler of using steroids.
(noun) When a wrestler is given a higher spot on the card than the one he currently has, he is given a push. Often a push will mean winning a title or being put in a program with a wrestler who is higher up on the card than the wrestler getting the push. A 'negative push' works the opposite way - the wrestler is 'de-pushed'.
Putting Over
(verb) The act of one wrestler intentionally making another wrestler appear tougher, more skilled, and more impressive to the fans.
Professional Wrestling Federation - North Carolina
Pro Wrestling International
Pro Wrestling Worldwide
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