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A takedown occurs when, from a neutral position, a wrestler gains control over his opponent down on the mat and is inbounds.
Texas All-Star Wrestling
Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling
Technical Fall
A technical Fall occurs when a wrestler has scored 15 or more point's then his opponent and the match is terminated. If the wrestler reaches 15 points on a move that places his opponent in a pinning situation, then the offensive wrestler is given the opportunity to pin his opponent.. The situation continues until the period ends, a pin occurs, or the pinning situation ends.
Technical Fall 4 Points
Injury default 4 points
Technical Points
Points awarded during a match that help determine the outcome. The following system is used: Five points for a grand amplitude throw to an immediate position of danger; three points for taking the opponent from a standing position to an immediate position of danger; two points for a near fall; one point for a takedown, an escape, a reversal, or for applying a correct hold without causing the opponent to touch the mat with head or shoulder. Not to be confused with classification points. See also penalty points.
Technical Superiority
A win by technical superiority is the same as a technical fall.
Terri Runnels Syndrome
If matched with this Diva (or others) it is a sign that you carrer is over as you need her to get over with the fans. - [email protected]
(noun) The area in which a promotion promotes. In the pre-Vince McMahon era, the hundreds of independent promotions across the country each had a certain area of the country in which they ran shows, called their territory. When McMahon took the WWF national, he made thesomewhat novel move of invading competitor’s territories with his shows and his TV. Soon the whole country and the world became the WWF’s territory.
The Better Late Than Never Rule
Any main event wrestler shown arriving late at the arena during a pay-per-view or other such televised broadcast will never be hassled by management for their tardiness.
The Dot Com, Concession Stand Principle
If a promotion's Internet worktable or a concession stand is displayed as unmanned, it will be destroyed during a subsequent hardcore or No DQ match.
The Flub Cover-Up
Any poorly performed move will be called a "variation" by the announcers. - [email protected]
The Hometown Principle
Any wrestler cutting a promo before a match that directly insults the hometown hosting the event will most likely lose the forthcoming bout.
The Hulk Hogan Regeneration Rule
No matter how much damage has been done to a throwback face wrestler, if the crowd claps and cheers loud and long enough said wrestler will be re-energized so that a comeback is possible. Most commonly characterized by uncontrollable, violent shaking.
The Killer Climb Rule
A wrestler who takes their time climbing to the top rope will: 1. Be crotched. 2. Miss their high-risk move. 3. Have a move done to them from the top rope.
The Pacific Island Coconut Rule
All wrestlers from any of the Pacific Islands (Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, etc.) have extremely hard heads. - [email protected]
The Siren Rule
Referees and wrestlers alike will automatically be distracted if an attractive woman climbs onto the ring apron.
The Spot Shuffle
When a wrestler staggers into position to allow his opponent to execute a maneuver. - [email protected]
The Third-Person Virus
Any wrestler who becomes a main eventer will become infected with a disease that causes him/her to refer to him/herself in third person at least once in every interview. In special cases, this is called "It Doesn't Matter What My Name Is" Syndrome in honor of the first wrestler first diagnosed with this cruel disease. - [email protected]
When a wrestler is lifted off the mat (both feet) by an opponent and brought back down behind the thrower.
A wrestler grabbing his opponent's upper body, usually in preparation for a move or to gain a measure of control over his motion. Commonly the upper arm and back of the neck are grasped.
In Folkstyle, a tiebreaker referrer to the 30 second sudden death period that is wrestled when two wrestlers are still tied after the one minute overtime period. The wrestler winning the coin flip will be able to choose up, down or force his opponent to choose up or down. The wrestler to score wins, and if neither wrestler scores the offensive (top) wrestler wins.
To turn your opponent so that his back goes from an angle of 45 degrees or more to less than 45. Also, when exposure is achieved.
Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
Texas Nu-Age Wrestling
Top Position
One of the two components of referee's position; after the bottom man has positioned himself, the other wrestler places his knee down to one side of his opponent, his knee up behind him with his foot also behind. The hand on the same side as the down knee grasps the opponent's near elbow, and the other hand reaches around the waist to rest on the navel. At this point, the referee will signal to begin wrestling. The man in top position is called the top man.
A series of bouts to determine championships in various weight classes. A wrestler is eliminated after two losses. Elimination rounds continue until only three wrestlers remain in each pool. Finalists are seeded by classification points. If any of the finalists have not wrestled each other, they meet in a bout. Technical points or penalty points from previous matches are then carried over and added to the points accumulated in the final round.
A character likeness or name that is owned and copyrighted by a federation or in many cases, a wrestler.
Try Out
When a wrestler who wants to join a federation gets tested to see if he makes the cut.
Tri-Star Wrestling Association
N., v.i. change in orientation from heel to face or vice-versa.
Tennessee Valley Wrestling Alliance
Texas Wrestling Alliance
(noun) A wrestler (or manager) who is not a clear cut babyface or heel, but rather, falls somewhere in between. Tweeners are generally created by accident, when a heel who is supposed to be booed is instead cheered by the audience.
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